Thursday, December 2, 2010


HTML 5 Up and Running by Mark Pilgrim is a simple straight-to-point type of book. It talks about the evolution of HTML 5, giving a sense of how most web standards are formulated. The book gives quite a good number of examples that explain how to use the features present in HTML 5 (they are a bit shallow though).

The book is 200 pages long with close to 80 pages dedicated to video and form components as they are found in HTML 5, the rest of the book talks about things like rendering images in a browser, offline capabilities and storage. As expected this book would be more apppealing to web designers than developers, so if you are a web designer and you haven't tried out the HTML 5 features (not indirectly) on any thing you are building then you should grab a copy of this and dive into the beautiful world of HTML 5. You will no longer need to write scripts to create a date picker as HTML 5 already provides one for you.

The book also discusses HTML 5 features that will enable you develop rich and efficient content for mobile browsers and that is what i find most interesting.

HTML 5 gives you a very good head start into using HTML 5 for web development but you may need to get more literature on it to get a real hang of this industry changing standard.

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